Book Preview – Shadow Stalker by Renee Scattergood

Shadow Stalker
Renee Scattergood
Renee Scattergood
Print Length: 272 pages
April 18, 2015
Genre: English


BOOK BLURB:  A young shadow stalker is destined to enslave the people of the Serpent Isles, and the Galvadi Empire wants this child of prophecy dead. Auren Trask’s perfectly normal life is disrupted when the Galvadi invade, and she learns a startling secret about her past. A secret that will change her life forever.

“This is the first time I’ve read a serial and I didn’t know what to expect. I was pulled into the story right away. The pacing was cleverly crafted so that while the action had the pages turning, there was enough back story to keep you rooted in the plot.”
~ Melissa Barker-Simpson, Author of the Morgan and Fairchild Series

“Scattergood’s writing style is simple and straightforward and her characters very believable.”
~ Grant Leishman, Author of Tortured Minds

“One of the best things about the series are the characters, who are human and sympathetic. The heroine is both a tough, capable young woman, and a naive and self-centered teenager; the tension between the two sides of her personality as she is suddenly forced to leave childhood behind and enter into adulthood is often well-captured, as is her ambivalent relationship with her foster father.”
~ E.P. Clark, Author of The Zemnian Trilogy

COMMENTS:  Unfortunately, I have not read enough of this first book in a series that will chronicle Auren’s adventures to do a full review.

So little time and so many books.

And honestly I didn’t think I wanted to read the book because, first of all, I am not a fan of fantasy novels, or paranormal. Then too, this is the first book in a series, and I am not sure I want to get hooked on another series, another author, especially one out of my usual realm of mystery and suspense.

Again, so little time and so many books.

All that said, however, I am going on record to say that I disregarded everything I wrote in that previous paragraph and got Shadow Stalker 1 today. I sampled the book on Amazon and was immediately captivated by Auren who is introduced in the prologue as a five-year old child under the care of her foster-father Kado. The child is frightened of the shadows that are calling her name, and she calls our for Kado for comfort. He tells her what the shadows are and what they mean to her and her future. Then the story jumps ahead to Auren as a young adult, and the adventure begins.

The author is offering this book free for a limited time, so if you are a fan of fantasy and are looking for a good read check it out. The writing is quite good, and I was very impressed with this from a debut author.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Renee Scattergood, author of the dark fantasy serial, Shadow Stalker, lives in Australia with her husband and daughter. She loves reading, watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her daughter. Visit her WEBSITE for a free copy of Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6):

Please do come back this Wednesday when Renee will be my guest, sharing a post about why she decided to write Shadow Stalker as in a serial format. By the way, I am really glad all 6 episodes are in one book so I don’t have to wait for the next one to come out. Since I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast today, I would be hard pressed to remember the story elements from month to month. 

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