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Today I’d like to let you know about a couple of new books and great deals. And what goes better with a good book than a nice cup of tea. Please help yourself. I like mine with a bit of cream and honey, and I love this teacup. My mother-in-law collected pretty teacups and I inherited many from her. Fond memories….

First, from author Lyn Cote, here is an offer for a free copy of her book, For Sophia’s Heart, part of her Northwoods Past series. She is offering the book free from March 18-22.

BOOK BLURB – In April 1898, Sophia Schiffler boards a train and meets Gannon Moore, both on their way to Chicago. Gannon is going to withdraw from the university to enlist in the Spanish American War. Teddy Roosevelt is gathering his rough riders to invade Cuba, and Gannon is ready to join the fight against Spain for Cuba’s freedom. Mourning the recent loss of his sister, Gannon is shocked when Sophia reveals she is going to marry a man she’s never met. When this suitor doesn’t meet Sophia at Union Station, Gannon accompanies her to the man’s address. What they discover there catapults Sophia into a situation she could never have imagined.

Soon she is living in Chicago and frequenting Jane Addams’ famous Hull House. Gannon trains in Florida and prepares for combat in Cuba. He and Sophia exchange letters written from their hearts. In the fall, Gannon returns from war, a changed man. The course of true love never runs smooth. And life has a way of turning tables on two young people in love. Their springtime love endured separation and a war. Will it survive a winter of reality?

I have not read the book, just got my copy, but I have read others by this author and she spins a good tale.

Next up is The Altruism Effect by Kristin Helling, a thriller. The book is not free, but it is a good deal for Kindle at only $3.99

A kidnapped psychologist. A murderous warden. There’s more to this prison than meets the eye…

BOOK BLURB – Dr. Raine Walsh has a right to be paranoid. The expert psychologist has spent far too much time in the minds of the criminally disturbed, but that’s no reason for her to be drugged and thrown into prison. Raine can’t remember if she’s even committed a crime and she wonders if her growing paranoia has destroyed her sanity…

Raine is determined to solve the mystery of her twisted incarceration, but finding allies is a dangerous game. Some of her fellow prisoners are far from innocent, and a guard confides that he’s also been kidnapped and forced to play a role. The problem is that the warden controls the compound with an iron grip. Her only chance of escape could put her and the other inmates in grave danger…

I have not read this book either, but I read a few of the sample chapters on Amazon, and they were well done. Since I am a sucker for a good thriller, I will be adding this one to my TBR pile.

That’s it for me for today. Have you read any good books recently that you would like to tell us about? Please do share in the comments, and have a great rest of the weekend.

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