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If you are looking for some last minute gifts for the readers on your Holiday gift list check out the books featured on Joan Reeves Slingwords blog.  Books make great gifts – I know I love to get books – and it is so easy now to read on electronic devices that the story  goes every where with you.

All of the e-books are priced low, most of them 99 cents to $2.99, and there are links on Joan’s blog for downloading the books for any device, with instructions for how do do that. I really liked having the instructions right there, as I am so challenged when it comes to electronics.

You can snag a copy of my new book, One Perfect Love, while you are at the blog.


Now I want to introduce you to another new book that is a perfect story of love for the holidays.

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A Beautiful Stranger
by Donna Fasano
Series: Family First, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2016
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When Sean Hudson arrives to claim his new daughter, he discovers the adoption hinges on the impossible. Unless he finds a wife immediately, the tiny orphan will be snatched away from him forever. But before Sean can abandon hope, a beautiful stranger proposes a surprising solution—marriage.

Sean swears the love in his heart is only for his soon-to-be daughter. And that is perfect for Nicki Willis, whose restless spirit yearns to have a family for just a while. But the tenderness of Sean’s touch soothes Nicki’s fears as well as little Sona’s. Now Nicki aches to become a family forever… and she refuses to believe she can’t make this dream come true.


The author had me when Nicki says to Sean, “If all you need is a wife, then I’d be happy to marry you.” 

This is at the end of the first chapter, when the two characters have just met and something has compelled Sean to tell her about the problems he’s having with the adoption.

I liked these characters right away, which is a must for me to suspend disbelief and go along for the ride. I mean, would a woman really make that offer? But it works in the story, and the way the couple maneuver their way from there is an engaging read that I enjoyed very much.

This is a sweet, romantic story. Desperation brought them together, but love keeps them together.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano has written over 30 romance and women’s fiction books that have sold 4 million copies worldwide. Her books have won numerous awards and have been published in nearly 2 dozen languages.

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