Monday Morning Musings

Let’s start the day, and the week, off with this cute meme. We all could use a smile.

It was a busy weekend for me as we had our performances of “Deck the Stage” at the Winnsboro Center For the Arts Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We all had great fun and learned the truth of “the show must go on” when the power went out in town during intermission of our Sunday matinee. Rather than just send the folks home, we decided to move the performance to the front of the building where there are large windows and lots of daylight. The audience sat in the vestibule and the players did their parts in the gift shop.

No pictures yet of that set up, but I will add some when I get them. In the meantime, here is a picture from the Saturday performance. This is from The Choir Committee skit, and I had such fun playing Zariel, the angel who could not sing.

Here I am thanking the choir for letting me in, even tho I can’t sing.

The following was posted on Facebook by one of my friends, and he gave me permission to repost it. It is an excellent recap of the backgrounds of Trump’s cabinet and staff picks, laying out some facts while not being inflammatory.

My friend wrote, “When Trump was elected most of my friends thought I was being overly pessimistic about what was to come. It turns out I was merely less optimistic. Here’s where we stand with appointments:

Chief Advisor: Steve Bannon, a racist, conspiracy theorist, purveyor of “fake news” and white supremacist/fascist.

National Security Advisor: Michael Flynn, a spreader of fake news who was fired in his post for poor management skills.

Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon, a professional wrestling promoter.

EPA: Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier and mouthpiece for the fossil fuel industry. This may be the worst appointment of all.

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus, probably just a figurehead.

Ambassador to the UN: Nikki Haley with absolutely no diplomatic or international experience beyond watching a VHS tape of Wizard of Oz.

Homeland Security: John Kelly. A retired US Marine General who is relatively benign except that this is a post that deals with the homeland and we’ve become militarized enough already.

Education: Betsy Devos: A political donor who has dedicated her life to killing public education. (Actually, I disagree with my FB friend on this one. I like some of the changes in education that she has been advocating.)

HUD: Dr Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who stated that he doesn’t have the skills or background to be in government. His qualifications are that he once lived in the inner city near public housing.

Health and Human Services: Tom Price, a no-choice advocate who also is against the Affordable Healthcare Act and women’s healthcare in general. Against contraception.

Commerce: Wilbur Ross, nicknamed “The Bottom Feeder King” who made billions buying up distressed companies and reviving them or letting them die after stripping employees of pensions, benefits, etc. His Trump connection is that he assisted Trump in screwing investors in Atlantic City while pulling out tons of cash for himself.

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions, once denied a federal judge appointment because he was too racist. Voting record in one of opposing voting and women’s rights.

Treasury: Steven Mnunchin, formerly a Goldman Sachs partner and hedge fund manager. He purchased a failing bank in 2009 and made money by using fraudulent documents and other nefarious techniques to foreclose on some 40,000 home owners. Strong advocate of doing away with all Wall Street and banking regulations.

(I wrote a bit about Mnunchin earlier this month HERE)

Defense: James Mattis, a recently retired general who cannot legally take the position due to his short time since leaving the military. The Senate has, however, tacked on an amendment waiver for him on the must pass appropriations bill and offering money for Flint, MI water as a condition of getting the waiver. Ironically, the least offensive appointment even with the nickname “Mad Dog Mattis.”

Labor: Andy Puzder, a fast food CEO who opposes minimum wage increases and thinks the current minimum is too high. Opposes all benefits for workers especially health insurance. Very favorable to robots replacing as many people as possible.
Most of these appointments are also in favor of dismantling Social Security and Medicare.

There you have it folks. I’m sleeping easier tonight…. NOT

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