Election Day

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Today is the day. If you have not already done so, this is the day to go out and vote. I have read that some people are not going to vote because they don’t like any of the choices for president. I have no horse in the race, either. The only candidate that I really could get behind did not get the Democratic nomination. But, I will still go and vote.  It is my patriotic duty and it is the duty of every American. No matter what our choices are the reason we have choices because we live in a free democracy and the only way it will remain free and true is for all of us to band together for one purpose – to put our country back on firm footing.

Let us the American people show that we are better than many of the politicians who seek power by any means. Let us show that we are better than those who use the Democracy for their own selfish purposes. And better then those who continually tear us apart Instead of working to pull us together

Nobody has been more opinionated throughout the campaign than I have been. Okay, maybe there were a few others. But now it is time to put those differences aside.

Facebook friend put it all very eloquently when she wrote yesterday:

Let’s all make a resolution, no matter what happens tomorrow, that each and everyone one of us will commit to being our best self and working toward the good of everyone, not just people who think and look like we do. Let’s really unite and put petty differences aside for the greater good and create a world where our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can grow up feeling safe, or at least unmolested the minute they turn on a device or walk out a door.

Wise words from a wise woman, Diana Hurwitz , author and writing coach.

On Another Note

It is release day for One Perfect Love, the sequel to One Small Victory. So if you are tired of all the political stuff, grab a copy and lose yourself in a sweet romance. Both books are only 99 cents each. What a deal.


Here is an excerpt from the story when Jenny and Steve meet two years after working together on a drug task force in One Small Victory:

Jenny watched Steve as he went down the front walk, looking ever so good in his blue jeans, tightly cinched around his slim waist. She recalled that wonderful evening they’d had at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth two years ago. It started as just a place to meet to trade information. Since everyone knew everything about everyone else in a small town, it had been necessary for them to meet far away from Little Oak and prying eyes.

That night had turned into more than a meeting when Steve had suggested they dance. “To keep up appearances,” he’d said. “Don’t want people wondering why we’re here.”

That had been a ruse, Jenny knew. The look that had accompanied the statement had told her that. Still, she’d acquiesced and joined him on the dance floor, where he held her close during a slow song, their bodies fitting together as though they had always danced.

And today she had to admit that she still had feelings for Steve. Her heart had beat a little faster when she’d seen him pull up in front of the shop earlier, and his smile of greeting had been as good as a comforting caress.

And today she needed a caress. Her emotions were being tossed around like an out of control carnival ride. She was still so angry at the break in. The violation of it all. How dare somebody do that? Steal? Trash a place? She knew it happened time and again to businesses all over the world, but this was her world. Her business. And whoever it had been should have to pay. Big time.

And with that public service announcement – LOL – I will leave you for today. Try not to stress out over the election. Do you worry, like some folks, that we will have lots of violence following the results tonight and tomorrow? I’m trying not to.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I thought about voting against some candidates, but decided to vote for one of the leading candidates because I absolutely did not want the other one.

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