Ends and Beginnings

Wishing You a Happy New Year

Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Be Safe  


This last day of the year is always one for reflecting on the past twelve months to see what was good and what wasn’t so good.

On the world front, there were many not-so-good moments; mass killings, terrorist attacks, refugees without hope, terrible storms, and my all time favorite, political nonsense. NBC News has a nice listing of the top news stories on their website. I particularly liked Our Dumb Year in Politics: 2015 Edition and Rabbits, Hamsters, GWAR, ‘Nosferatu’: The Year in Weird, Wacky NewsThey made me chuckle, which is what I needed after the more serious stories.

It’s always fun to read Dave Barry’s Year in Review, and he doesn’t disappoint with this year’s offering. I loved his number one good thing:  “We didn’t hear that much about Honey Boo Boo.” Yeah!!

Dave gives a breakdown from month to month, so it is a long post, but well worth the read. Do check it out after you finish here.

If you are interested in learning about some New Year’s traditions around the world, Venture Galleries is featuring my guest post on the topic. It was fun doing the research and finding out all the unusual foods people eat, as well as the different rituals for ringing in the new year.


Here in my little corner of the world, 2015 was a good one for the most part. The biggest challenge for me is listening to my body that reminds me I am no longer the young woman I once was, so bones and muscles protest some of the hard work of maintaining Grandma’s Ranch. Thank God for my family and friends who are always here to help out when needed.

My writing plan for 2015 was to finish the two books I had been working on. Unfortunately some of those health issues kept me from completing that plan, but I am ready to kick it back into action. Or is that kick myself back into action?

Evelyn Evolving will be finished by the end of January. That is my mantra every day until January 31.



I am thrilled to announce that Boxes For Beds is now available in audio. It was produced by  Silverton Audio & Red Rose Audio Books and narrated by Chloe Adele. Chloe is from Arkansas, so she was able to capture the voice of the narration as well as all the character voices, making them distinct, yet fitting the rural Arkansas setting. I am so pleased with the finished product, and I have coupons for a free copy from Audible in exchange for a review. Message me at maryann @ maryannwrites.com for your coupon.


New Year Giveaway banner

 I am one of the sponsors for this wonderful contest being held at The Kindle Book Review. A number of authors have come together to sponsor this event, and my mystery, Open Season, is one of the featured books. Several people have a chance to win one of the following prizes:

1 – Kindle Fire 6″ HD
1 – Kindle Fire Kid’s Edition
1 – $100 Amazon gift card
1 – 7″ Fire (7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers–$50 Value)
1 – $50 Amazon gift card

And I’d love for one of my readers to win. To enter just click on the link and enter at the #1 site for reader giveaways–The Kindle Book Review. It’s easy & fun. If you love reading, enter now; giveaway runs December 28 – January 11.

Once on the site,  scroll through the sponsors’ book covers and enter the New Year Giveaway “Rafflecopter” form. No purchase necessary to enter or win, but your support of the authors is what makes these giveaways possible.

As a special bonus,  if you buy one of the giveaway sponsors’ books each day (no purchase necessary to enter or win) a portion of that purchase will support The Salvation Army via the AmazonSmile program. You can also donate by clicking on the red bucket in the top right corner of any page on the website.

I am especially proud to be part of that support that is so critically needed at this time when so many storms have devastated parts of our country, and The Salvation Army is out there doing all it can to help. Those of us who cannot go to the places and help clean up, can support those efforts with our donations. In addition to donating part of my sales in this contest, I am going to make a direct donation. You can specify where your money is to go, and I will select Rowlett, Texas, a nearby town that was hit by a major tornado.  Click HERE to donate. 


That’s it for me folks, probably until Monday. I have no big plans for celebrating New Years Eve or tomorrow. What are your plans? I am making chili and black-eyed peas. Here in Texas eating black-eyed peas is supposed to bring good luck. Since I am hoping for a better year ahead, I’m going for the luck. What are some traditions you have for good luck in the New Year?

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  1. Our NYE tradition is dinner on the town, followed by champagne and caviar at home, at midnight. New Year’s Day requires a nod to northern and southern traditions: pork, black-eyed peas, and sauerkraut. With a foot on either side of the Mason-Dixon line, I hedge my bets. I, too, will take all the luck I can get.

    Happy new year, Maryann!

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