Book Review – Murdock Rocks Sedona by Robert J. Ray

murder rocks sedona coverMurdock Rocks Sedona

Robert J. Ray
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Publisher: Camel Press (November 16, 2015)
Publication Date: November 16, 2015
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BOOK BLURB: Wealthy investors in Sedona, Arizona, are dropping like flies—more accurately, lead weights. They are falling down staircases and off mountainsides, decks, and hiking trails. With so many similar “accidents,” the victims had to have been pushed. Other than their wealth and weakness for beautiful young women, what the falling men had in common was a financial interest in Sedona Landing, a historic hotel in Oak Creek Village. They also shared a long history with the chief investor, billionaire Axel Ackerman. Fearing that he too will plunge to his death, Ackerman hires Matt Murdock and Helene Steinbeck to investigate.

REVIEW: This was a well-done mystery with a large cast of characters. At first it was hard to keep some of the names and relationships straight, but as the story evolved, the connections became clear and the intrigue increased.

One of the most interesting characters in the book is Bruno, Axel Ackerman’s bodyguard. Bruno was an army brat who had a master’s degree in art history and before he became a bodyguard he had been studying sculpture in Italy. I thought that was a nice twist on the stereotypical thugishbodyguard that we seeing so many books.

Another well drawn character is Helene Steinbeck, a writer and a private investigator and she’s described as, “…a book writer and two months ago she had killed a Chief of Police who had gone rogue. She stopped his rampage, saving many lives by taking a single life in a crowded courthouse in Taos, New Mexico. Ackerman was curious he had never known a female killer.”

Murdock and Helene make a good investigative pair, and they also have a tumultuous relationship that makes for a good subplot to the story. This was a good read that kept me guessing throughout.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert J. Ray is the author of nine novels: Cage of Mirrors, The Heart of the Game, Bloody Murdock, Murdock for Hire, Dial “M” for Murdock, Merry Christmas, Murdock, Murdock Cracks Ice, and Murdock Tackles Taos. Ray is also the author of a popular non-fiction series on writing, The Weekend Novelist. He shares techniques on writing at A native of Texas, Ray holds a PhD from the University of Texas, Austin. Tuesdays and Fridays, he writes at Louisa’s Bakery and Café in Seattle. For more information about the author visit his WEBSITE

4 thoughts on “Book Review – Murdock Rocks Sedona by Robert J. Ray”

  1. Hi Mary Ann, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my book. I too have a particular fondness for Bruno. You have a great looking blog! Please sign me up, Robert Ray

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Robert. I did enjoy your book and love when characters go against type. I try to do that with my characters, too. I think many readers appreciate a new take on a standard bit-player.

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