Book Preview – What Lies Within by Jamie Cortland

What Lies Within - Jamie CortlandWhat Lies Within

Jamie Cortland
World Castle Publishing LLC
Genre: Romantic suspense
Paperback: 220 pages
ISBN-10: 1629891762
ISBN-13: 978-1629891767
November 24, 2014, $10.99

BOOK BLURB: Evelyn Valentino, still halfway in love with her super-star ex-husband, meets James McMann, a handsome and charismatic builder in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Meeting him in a coffee shop, she is immediately attracted to him while her young daughter calls him “Mr. Stranger Danger.”

Swept away by James and his incredible charm, she is taken on a whirlwind courtship. Warned by her parents and friends to go slowly, she ignores them. She’s caught in his web as he drops his mask and Evelyn discovers he is not the man of her dreams, but the hideous creature of her nightmares. Now, her only thought is of escape.

COMMENTS: Due to time constraints and some health issues, I was not able to read enough of the book to give an in depth review, but I did read enough to like Evelyn and her daughter. I wasn’t so sure about James, as his first connection to her seemed a bit forced. However, the story line promises to offer some good intrigue, and I will try to finish the book when things are better here.

Like what happened a few weeks ago with a previous author, when life issues prevented me from finishing the book, I decided to do this kind of introduction to the book and the guest piece on Wednesday to keep my  commitment to help the authors find new readers.

I do hope you can come back on Wednesday to meet Jamie and enjoy her guest post.



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