Monday Morning Musings

 How was your weekend? I had another fun time at the Winnsboro Center For the Arts teaching my guitar student Saturday morning, then that evening attending a concert with Professor Porkchop and The Dishes. Very odd name for a band, and I wondered why it was chosen, then that V-8 moment occurred. Mega stars have the name recognition to simply be The Beatles, or Blake Shelton, but lesser known bands chose a unique name to be remembered. I would forget Chris McCaa in a heartbeat. In fact, I had to go to the band’s website to get his name, but I won’t forget Professor Porkchop and The Dishes. They did a marvelous concert and delighted the audience.

Last week, while I was busy wrapping up details from the Drama Camp – there is so much to still do once camp ends – that I hardly had time to get excited about the award I received for my WIP, Evelyn Evolving. It was a finalist in the East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Contest. There were hundreds of entries from all over the world, and it is quite an honor to be one of the five finalists. Now I have to get busy and get the book finished.

rose picturefinalist badgeWHAT I’M READING: Hollywood Dirty: A Hollywood Alphabet Series Thriller by M.Z. Kelly. I just started it and am not sure how well I am going to like it. The first few pages were engaging, introducing some wacky characters and a great dog, so I hope the story all holds together.

 Today’s Strong Woman is Evereta Thinn. I first heard about this amazing woman via a story at the A Mighty Girl Website  Evereta is a school administrator and an activist for Native Americans. Here is just a bit about her from the Mighty Girl story:

When Evereta entered college as the only Native American in her English 101 class, it was at that moment she realized that she needed to speak up and not be that stereotypical ‘shy’ Indian that keeps to herself. She started by writing an essay in that very class about living in ‘two worlds’; living in the traditional world and living in the modern world and how Native Americans need to find that balance in today’s society. ‘Knowing who you are as a Native, know the teachings from your elders and ingraining them as you go out into the modern world is how you maintain that balance’.
If you hop over to the Mighty Girl site, you can read about other women who are striving to increase awareness of Native American issues and help preserve the Native culture. There is Shawn Little Thunder, a singer/songwriter who uses music to share her stories, and Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford, an artist and filmmaker, among others.
These are all fascinating women who deserve some accolades, so let’s raise a glass to them. I admire people who do more than just talk about a problem or an issue, but find constructive ways to be part of the solution.

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