Book Review – Lost Touch by David Terruso

LostTouch_CoverLost Touch
David Terruso
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Print Length: 243 pages
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital (April 29, 2015)
Language: English


SHORT SYNOPSIS: Lina Colella is one of the most powerful psychics in the country. She’s helped the police solve more than 180 murders and missing persons cases.

Her most dire case has just arrived: her brother-in-law was gunned down, the latest in a number of serial killings. And just when Lina needs her power most, a tragic accident puts an abrupt end to her psychic gift.

Despite losing her abilities, her faith in God, and her faith in herself, Lina vows to find the killer anyway. She keeps the loss of her powers hidden so she can work side by side with the local police.

REVIEW: There is so much that I liked about this story; the pacing, the complicated plot, and the people, especially Lina, the central character. She is tough, complicated, funny, and loyal to her family, a trait I always find endearing. While she is all of that, I struggled with her casual approach to sex, but then I’m an old curmudgeon. Other readers, I’m sure, will react differently.

All of the characters in the story were engaging and I thought of them as real people, which says a lot about the author’s ability to create three-dimensional characters that the reader roots for throughout the story. This family has strong bonds that most readers can recognize from their own lives, and none of them are perfect, which just makes them so much more like the folks who live down the street, or in our own homes.

The mystery was well done, and the identity of the killer came as a complete surprise. Kudos to the author for weaving a complicated story so well that all the pieces came together smoothly and believably at the end.

I enjoyed the humor that came at good times to lighten the drama, and, for the most part, the dialogue was spot on. However, after a while some of the characters seemed to be talking with the same voice, especially when it came to dropping the F-bomb. To me, the phrasing and rhythm of those bits of dialogue became repetitious in about the last quarter of the book.

My issues with the dialogue and Lina’s personal morality are so minor compared to everything else that I really enjoyed about this book that I have no hesitancy in giving it a high recommendation.


David will be my guest this coming Wednesday, so I do hope you will stop by and read about how being a stand-up comedian helped him become a writer. It’s a fun post, so you will enjoy it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dave Terruso is a novelist and screenwriter who lives in Philadelphia.

He is also a stand up comedian who has opened for Maria Bamford, Gilbert Gottfried, Dana Gould, Richard Lewis, and Charlie Murphy.

He is also-also a sketch comedian praised by TIME Magazine. His duo Animosity Pierre were official selections of the 2010 Chicago Sketchfest and the 2010 San Francisco Sketchfest.

He is also-also-also co-founder of Philly Sketchfest, an international sketch comedy festival.

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