Monday Morning Musings

I hope the weekend was a good one for everyone, and all the moms had wonderful celebrations. I spent Mother’s Day with some of my kids and had a terrific dinner cooked by one of my sons-in-law. All of the men in our family love to cook, and that is a real joy on holidays. (smile)

On Friday and Saturday, I received a couple of early gifts of flowers, and they are brightening up my kitchen, soon to go outdoors to be put in the ground.

Mother's Day flowers from David nd Rebecca

Flowers from Cindy mothers day

WHAT I’M READING: The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter by Craig Lancaster

I have been a fan of Craig’s books since I read the first one, 600 Hours of Edward, and I have yet to be disappointed. Plus, I got to meet him in Billings on my recent trip and he is a really nice guy. Don’t believe what others say. LOL


Instead of featuring a strong woman on my blog today, I want to honor a special man. I don’t ever want to give the impression that I think the achievements of women are the only ones worthy of note. It’s just that the deeds of men have always been celebrated to a greater degree in history, and even more recently.

Anyway, without opening this up to some kind of debate, let me just tell you about this special man.

A week ago, I read a news story about Dallas police officer, Senior Cpl Damon Cole and the wonderful thing he did for a 7 year old boy in Illinois. When Cole discovered the Facebook page for Bruce Schottel that chronicles the boys fight with cancer, Cole loaded up his Superhero costumes and drove 11 hours to bring some joy into Bruce’s life. It appears that Bruce also has an affinity for Superman, and he was delighted when the caped hero appeared at his door.

Cole spent a couple of days in Illinois, being Superman and Ironman for Bruce and his classmates, and before he headed back to Dallas, Cole gifted Bruce with a Superman cape of his own. Bruce’s father said, “If the world had more people like that, we might be in a better place.”

I agree.

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