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You’ve probably noticed something different with the blog this past week. I have been on vacation, so I have not posted since last Wednesday. Tomorrow I’m headed to Billings, Montana, where I will meet one of my favorite authors, Craig Lancaster. I am really looking forward to that, as I love his books. Do check out his website if you have a moment. He writes mainstream fiction.

While in Billings, I will do a book signing at Hastings Entertainment on Grand Avenue. I will be there on April 28 from 4-7, so stop by if you live in the area.

I will return early in May and will resume my normal blogging schedule. In the meantime, here is something pretty to look at.

butterfly on Indian Hawthorne
The first butterfly I saw this spring, enjoying the nectar from the Indian Hawthorne.


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  1. The picture of the butterfly on the Indian Hawthorne is so pretty. And it sounds like you’re enjoying your road trip!

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