Friday’s Odds And Ends

Did you know it is National Tooth Fairy Day? Neither did I, until I saw a mention on Facebook. Then I did a search and found out that there are actually two dates for National Tooth Fairy Day, August 22 and February 28.  Why people cannot settle on one day of the year has not been explained on the Internet. I remember as a kid being so excited about the prospects of a visit from the magical fairy. We were even known to tie a string  to a tooth that might be barely hanging on and tie the other end of the string to a door knob. Slam the door and get ready for the cash. Of course, back then we were lucky to get a nickle or a dime. Times were really great when the payout jumped to a quarter.

It is also National Pecan Torte Day. At least according to some sources online. Others say it was actually yesterday. My thought is, who cares. Any day is a good day to celebrate a rich, usually multi-layered, dessert filled with whipped cream, butter cream, mousse, jam, fruits or nuts.

Courtesy of The Baking Pan on Pinterest

 I think I’d rather have a piece of that torte than a dime under my pillow. What about you?

For more little known August holidays visit Holiday Insights: August 2014.

The other day I went to see the movie, The Giver. Have you seen it? It was based on a novel by Lois Lowry and stars Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. I had not seen the young actor before, but love Bridges and Streep and had always been a fan of Lois Lowry’s work. I used to read her books some years ago when I volunteered in the school library. I liked children’s and YA novels, and always read the Caldecott and Newbery winners. I even got to meet Lois once when she came to visit our school.

Now just for fun:  A man hated his wife’s cat so much that he decided to get rid of it by driving twenty blocks from home and dumping the cat.

But as he got back home, he saw the cat wandering up the driveway. So he drove the cat forty blocks away and dumped it.

Again when he arrived back home, there was the cat waiting for him at the front door. In desperation, he drove the cat fifty miles out into the country and dumped it in the middle of a woods.

Four hours later his wife got a phone call at home. “Darling,” said her husband. “Is that cat there?”

“Yes,” said the wife. “Why?”

“Just put him on the line will you? I need directions.”

Aha! A man will not stop at a gas station to ask for directions, but he will ask a cat. LOL

Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend.

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