Monday Morning Musings

Today I thought we’d just have some fun here on the blog. I did not watch the news at all over the weekend, although I did buy a newspaper on Sunday, but I only read the comics. Usually I read the editorials as well, but never got past the funny papers yesterday. Several of the strips had me nodding and chuckling, so I thought I would share them.

First we have this from Shoe by Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelley:

Senator Batson D. Belfry is holding a press conference, telling Shoe and Cosmo, “I was on an important trade mission to Pango Tango in the Pacific. And of course, I needed assistance from my staff,  so naturally my executive assistant, Miss Starlight, had to accompany me. And those, um, incidences at the resort pool and Tiki bar were misreported by the press. So a clarification of the subsequent arrest by the Pango Tango police is in order.”

Cosmo sighs and says, “Here he goes again burning the scandal at both ends.”

Next up is this from Non Sequitur by Wiley:

A future President of the United States is sitting in an easy chair in a cave being interviewed by a reporter, and the reporter says, “Okay… so it turned out there wasn’t an advanced army of alien roaches hiding inside the moon preparing to invade earth right?”

The president says, “So?

“So? You blew up the moon for nothing, resulting in disastrous consequences on a planetary scale.”

The president sips a martini. “I fundamentally disagree with that.”

The reporter stops writing in his notebook, “Wait… you disagree about the actual results of your actions?”

The president nods, “Facts are debatable”

“Blowing up the moon puts us back to living in caves and on the verge of extinction.”

The president waves one hand. “Like dwelling on the past is going to change that? So let’s stay focused on what we should do now.”

“Like trying to blame all of it on the current administration for not putting the moon back together? Right?”

“Oh, like that’s so much to ask?”

Finally one from Dustin by Steve Kelly and Jeff Parker:

Dustin’s parents are at a restaurant for dinner, and the waiter steps up to the table. He says, “We have a sumptuous dessert special this evening. It’s seven sheets of flourless chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, in between glazed and rich chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa powder and topped with dark chocolate shavings.

“The chef calls it ‘Death by Chocolate.'”

Dustin’s father says, “Actually were trying to watch our diets. Could you just bring enough to put us in critical condition?”

Did any of these make you laugh? I didn’t laugh at the one from Non Sequitur. That one was too much like reality to be funny. And I do wish that waiter would come to my house and offer me that dessert.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings”

  1. I love the last one, it’s so apt for me.

    In the early 90s over here there was a similar dessert called Death By Chocolate – a rich chocolate sponge cake with two layers of chocolate buttercream in it, with chocolate mouse on the top and round the sides, and topped by chocolate flakes. It was divine, I couldn’t get enough of it and on holiday one year I ate three large slices at one sitting – I even bought a whole cake from the restaurant to bring home at the end of the holiday.

    There was only one downside though – it was really only available commercially to restaurants and hotels and was very difficult to get any other way – a couple of firms did their own version which was available in supermarkets but it was nothing like the original.

    Although ordinary chocolate gateau is still widely available the original Death By Chocolate disappeared many years ago – shame, as I really loved the stuff, but maybe a good thing in a way as I’d be the size of a house by now if I’d continued eating it all these years!

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