Not What You Expected

I’m traveling again this weekend – right after my five minutes of fame on television – so I am preparing this in advance. It’s always nice to have something posted on the days I say I am going to post. (smile)

Today I want to honor my daughter, Anjanette, who now likes to be called Anj even though as a child she never wanted her name shortened. I find that mildly amusing, but I digress.

The reason I want to writer about her is because she is such an amazing woman and the epitome of what a strong woman can accomplish. She is graduating from UTD today with a Master’s in Humanities, earned over several years while running her own business. Years ago, when she walked across the stage to get her first degree in psychology, I thought my heart would burst with pride and joy. Not just because she got the degree, but for how she surmounted so many challenges to get that degree.

She was a single mother of three who got little support from her first husband. She worked at a day-care, accepted what government assistance and financial aid she was eligible for, and had no financial support from us as my husband was out of work during much of that time. With the help of a couple of close friends, one that later became her current husband, she managed to work and get to classes and write her papers and take the exams and graduate with a high 3 point average.

We talked shortly after that first graduation, and I told her how proud I was that she had been able to persevere. There’d been so many times she would call me to say she didn’t think she could finish. She didn’t think she could make herself do one more thing. “But you did it,” I told her that graduation day. “Look what you accomplished. Virtually all by yourself.”

Anj and her husband, George

Now Anj is considering what the future will be. Her three children are grown – she was a very young mother and I was a very, very, young grandmother LOL. She loves books and stories, so maybe she will do more writing. But she is also thinking about teaching literature at a university.

Whatever she decides, I know she will do well, She is standing on the strongest foundation I know of; self confidence and strength of character.

So again, I want to tell her how proud I am of her. “Look at what you have accomplished.”

Oh, and it just happens to be her birthday, too. Let’s all sing along, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Anj, happy birthday to you.”

My five minutes of fame is going to be on KETK TV – the East Texas NBC affiliate. They have a feature from 11 to noon – East Texas Live and I will be on the show to talk about my Seasons Mystery Series. It may take a day or so for my feature to be online. It will be taped Friday morning, but I don’t know if it gets uploaded right away.

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  1. What a lovely post, and your pride in your daughter clearly shines through in your writing.

    Well done on all your achievements Anj, and Happy Birthday! 🙂

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