Book Review – Matriarch: A Journey Through Tradition by Suzann M. Brucato

Suzann M. Brucato
ISBN: 978-0-615-47832-6

This lovely photo journal is a wonderful tribute to the family to which Suzann Brucato belongs, tracing her heritage back several generations. The pictures and the poetry speak to the importance of family and traditions and special rituals that all families seem to have. I’m sure her large extended family is thrilled to have the history and the poetry that honors them all.

No matter where we go in life our ties to family are never broken, and the stronger those ties are the more secure we feel, and it is that sense of security that I saw in this journal. The book is divided into sections starting with Matriarch where the poems focus on motherhood. Next is The Journey, with a mix of poems about family, friends, travel and dreams. Tradition focuses on the things that families find important, such as special meals and places that have significant meaning. I especially liked the piece called Answering Machine.The next section is Home, which has a mix of poems about women, affection, sea shells and more.

Rounding out the book are two great recipes; one for Paticinni and the other for a dessert cookie called Fresine. I had never heard of Fresine, but I am going to try the recipe. It just seems like a real, feel-good dessert.

Susan sent me a copy of the book in the hopes that I would review it, and the production quality is so high, I am happy to do so. The only little quibble I have with the presentation is the few typos or misspellings. Everything about the rest of the production was so well-done, those little mistakes really stood out for me, but then, I’m at editor and maybe they bothered me because of that.

The rest of the book; the images, the design, the vintage look of it all, as well as most of the writing is just terrific. It is the kind of book that can help readers remember the special times and people of their lives.


Susan lives in New Jersery and is especially proud of her rich Italian heritage. The vintage design elements in the book are used with permission by  – Judy at a Touch of Class: An Art Nouveau Heritage Scrapkit

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