Friday’s Odds and Ends

This one will be really short today. I have lots of company and a really busy day ahead. This is the last weekend of the play I am in, and we will be playing to sold-out houses this weekend. So excited, especially since some of my kids have come to see the show.

One of my sons is also going to help me fix some fencing. The other day I found my horse on his side with his back legs tangled in the fence. Either he tried to jump it or had kicked at the horses next door and got a hind leg caught high on the fence. I thought he’d broken his leg, but miraculously he did not. He has some lacerations on both hind legs and was very stiff in his hind quarters for 24 hours, but seems to be walking better today.  

This is a pre-accident picture of Banjo

I couldn’t believe this small horse, only 14 hands high, would try to jump a fence that is 4 and a half feet high, but he does not get along well with the horses next door. We are going to get some cattle panels and attach them to the existing fence poles, making a higher barrier. Hopefully, that will keep him in and the other horses out.

Now I will leave you with a couple of jokes brought to you by good clean jokes:

Student: Could I get in trouble if I didn’t do something?
Teacher: Well, I don’t suppose so.
Student: In that case, I didn’t do my homework.

Jim: What’s white, steep, and has ears?
Tara: I don’t know.
Jim: A snow-covered mountain.
Tara: What about the ears?
Jim: Haven’t you ever heard of mountaineers?

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