Friday’s Odds and Ends

It seems the very cold winter we’ve been having has frazzled the nerves of lots of people across the country. I snagged this quote from Becky Lewellen Povich’s blog and just had to share it. In commiserating with a friend here in Texas about our cold weather, I told her I couldn’t wait for summer, but then we’d probably complain about the heat and wish it was winter. Then I visited Becky’s blog and found this.

“Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.” ~Author Unknown

We can all use a cup of hot Chocolate. Who want’s brandy in theirs?

Since I have waited until practically the last minute to get ready for a book signing later today, I must keep this short, so we will skip any rants on news items and go straight for the jokes.
This one is from the comic strip Shoe:
Shoe walks into an ice cream store and two guys behind the counter say, “Welcome to Two-Guys Ice Cream Shop.”
Shoe says, “Thanks, but couldn’t you guys come up with a better name.”

“Nope. All the good names were taken. I’m Ben Baskin and he’s Jerry Robbins.”

This one is from Drabble:
The kids are looking in the freezer and Norman, the oldest boy says, “Hey what happened the all the other frozen ice pops that were in here? Wwe used to have a whole bunch of them.”
Little sister, Penny, says, “I wanted the blue one.”
The kids walk into the living room where dad is sitting in his easy chair reading a paper. Norman asks, “Dad did you eat the rest of the ice pops?”
Dad looks up. “Of course I didn’t eat them. They’re right here. I needed to put ice on my lower back so I stuck him down my pants.”
Dad pulls out the ice pops to hand them over and Patrick, the younger brother, says, “I think I’ll have a cookie instead.”
That’s it for today, folks. Have a great weekend. Stay warm if you can, and if you are in a temperate climate, I am so jealous right now. 

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. Glad you liked the jokes, Becky. The signing event did go well, although it was tiring. Two days at a grocery store that is a little over 50 miles from me. I was at a Kroger store as part of their Author Program, and this was my first time to try it. Other than wearing myself out, I think it was worth the time and trouble. I met lots of nice folks, sold a few books, and networked with some people who had leads to other author events.

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