Out of Order

Well, that title could mean several things, as in “not working” or “speaking out of turn” or “not in the right order.” I choose the latter, as in the fact that I am posting on Thursday and not on Friday.

Since today is Halloween, I thought it appropriate to acknowledge the day. Some of us reminisced yesterday about Halloween memories and agreed that the holiday is not like it was for kids 20, 30 or more years ago. There are more dangers lurking out there for kids, and some people have made it difficult, if not impossible, to capture that magic of being turned loose one night of the year to run around the neighborhoods and do tricks and get treats.

However dismal that may sound, the day is still special and fun for so many kids, and adults. There are other things now that have simply turned the holiday in a new direction, such as Halloween parties and festivals. Our little town of Winnsboro is having just just a festival this evening. Kids are invited to come and take part in a costume contest and games. Downtown merchants will have treats for the kids, and parents know the kids will be in a safe environment.

Whether you are going to a party, going to a festival, or going around the neighborhood with friends, have fun. That is what the day is all about.
There will be no post tomorrow. November 1st is All Saints Day in many Christian denominations, and it was also my husband’s birthday. He thought he was a saint, but we knew better. He was a good guy, and we miss him terribly, but he was not a saint, although he was a holy man. Because this first birthday without him is so hard, we will be gathering as a family to support each other.

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