Friday’s Odds and Ends

Another week has flown by, and I keep wondering where the time went. I remember when my grandmother told me how the days and weeks and months seem to shrink as you get older, I didn’t believe her. But then, I was just a 12-year-old girl. Days were endless to me then, and I was sure they would always be.

Now I have to often remind myself to stop. Enjoy this moment. Make this moment count. This morning there was another spectacular sunrise. As I was walking with my dog, I stopped and admired the cloud formations, some looking like wisps of cotton pulled so thin the color of the sky could be seen through the threads. Colors that ranged from a deep orange to a light yellow, blending into a pale blue.


Of course, I did not have my camera. But I do have a picture I took last year that I can share. We do have beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Texas.

How many of you cheered when news of the settlement between Congress and President Obama was announced? I didn’t cheer. I just said, “It’s about damn time.” Throughout this prolonged mess, all I could think of was two junkyard dogs facing off to protect their part of the domain.

Sad, and enough said.

On Monday I said I would report today on how the book promotion went, offering Boxes For Beds free for a few days. I’m going to put that off until next Friday so I can include some information from a couple of other authors on how their promotional events have worked. I found out that Stacy Juba had a special this past week also, and she has agreed to share some of her results with us.  I first met Stacy when she invited me to write an essay for her book, 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror, a collection of stories from a number of authors looking back to 1985. Stacy is a terrific writer and a great supporter of other authors, and I am looking forward to hearing how her promotional efforts went. She is so good at marketing, too.

 It’s been a while since I shared a Literary Lesson, and I thought this one appropriate considering the mess our government is in. This is the Stage Manager in Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” speaking. The play was written in 1938, but not much has changed.

“Whenever you come near the human race, there’s layers and layers of nonsense.”

And lets finish with a joke. Can’t end on a downer:

What did the math book say to the other math book? 
Boy do I have problems.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. “Layers and layers of nonsense!”

    I’m just glad it’s over. I don’t know why, but the uncertainty leaves me stressed every time. I hate it, and the lack of common sense and true caring. It’s deeply disturbing to watch.

    I look forward to hearing more about the stats of going ‘free’!

  2. I didn’t cheer either and had the same reaction as you did. Especially since we will probably be facing yet another dog and pony show in January since they didn’t actually solve anything.

    Love the sunset photo! Stunning. 🙂

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