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 All Untreed Reads And Distribution Titles On Sale 50% Off This Month At Kobo!

The folks at Untreed Reads just let me know that Kobo is running a special sale for the rest of this month. There is a coupon code that will give readers 50% off their purchase. Every title by Untreed Reads and all of its distribution clients can be purchased at 50% off with the code, and there is no limit.   Nearly one million titles are part of the sale, and the coupon can be reused!

  All books purchased through Kobo are EPUBs, meaning they can be read on every single device or computer in the world except for a Kindle or the Kindle app.
  Kobo has its own free app for all reading devices and computers. The person who notified me said he has it installed on a Mac, an iPad, a Galaxy S3 and a Barnes and Noble Nook.
  Readers from around the world can buy from Kobo, and the markets included in this sale are US, Canada and the UK.
  Kobo has a program that supports your local bookstores and enables your local brick-and-mortar to sell ebooks and stay open.
To take advantage of this promo, simply head over to Kobo. Add as many titles as you’d like to your cart and enter coupon code Sept50 during checkout. This includes all of my books that are distributed through Untreed Reads.

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