Kids are so Creative

I wasn’t going to blog today since I am so busy with the youth drama camp at the local art center, but we had such a terrific day today, I thought I would share a bit and show you one of the posters they created for the show. One of our volunteers who does graphic art added the header, show title and other info, but if the rest of it looks like a kid drew it, well, that’s because a kid drew it. In addition to this poster, they made posters to thank all our sponsors, as well as other posters to let folks know about the show. Each one was unique and quite clever.

It has been so terrific to watch the kids use their imaginations to come up with scenes, lines, posters, costumes, set designs. There is a real creative energy that moves through the room and each thought ignites another. It can get pretty chaotic at times, and the camp leaders and I will sometimes have to just call for a moment of absolute silence so we can think. Young people are so much better at thinking in the midst of chaos than us older people. (smile)

This is going to be such a terrific show and I am so proud of all the kids.

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