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We’re crawling because we can no longer walk. At least I can’t. When Cairn Rodrigues asked me to join the party tonight, I failed to tell her that one glass of wine is about all I can handle. There were days…. but then those were many days ago.

Years ago when my writing partner suggested that we start our sessions with a couple of glasses of wine to loosen up the creative juices, I thought I would give it a whirl. Why not? Our process of collaboration relied on me being at the keyboard while he just let his creativity free-flow. Which normally worked out great except for the first time we tried the wine lead in. I fell asleep at the keyboard after the second glass of wine.

So, tonight is no different. I’ve had my two glasses of wine and I am feeling so mellow, I could just nod off.

Whoops, did there just for a minute. Almost dropped my glass. Glad I woke up in time to save it.

So we’re supposed to write about lucky underwear. Hmmm. Perhaps the luckiest was when… Oops, not writing about that.

How about the time my friend saved my sagging a$%? See, rumor had it that when you turned 28 your a#* fell. Now, I was always proud of my firm buttocks, which is a word I think blogger will let me type, so I did not want sags. Nor did my husband. He has always been rather fond of my buttocks. So he hired my girlfriend to make me a sort of one-sided girdle that would hold said buttocks in place. Gosh, I love that word. Don’t you? I can just hear Forest Gump saying buttocks. I think he liked that word, too.

But I digress. My friend made me a wonderful, lucky undergarment, that saved my…… buttocks….. and they remain fairly firm to this day.

Which is more than I can say for a lot of the rest of me.

Goodnight, folks. This has been fun. I feel the wine pulling me away from the keyboard. I’m getting sleepier and sleepier.

Oh, my apologies to my regular Sunday visitors who might have come expecting a book review. Next week. I promise. I will not be drinking wine on Saturday night next week.

This morning – Sunday – I checked in with my blogcrawl friends and had to share links to their stories. Funny stuff by Holly Jahangiri and Cairn Rodrigues. You won’t be disappointed if you hop, or crawl, over to their blogs.

6 thoughts on “Blog Crawl – Lucky Underwear”

  1. Youy are such a funny lady. Ha, ha, ha.
    Too much wine makes me sleepy too but I do know a woman who reacts in exactly the opposite fashion, she goes a bit nuts.
    I’m a bit confused, is it the underware that’s lucky or you when you wear it? I think the luckiest underwear must surely be the one that is never worn. Ha, ha, ha.
    Blessings and good night from Geoff.

  2. Hi, everyone! I’ve finally posted instructions for my silly #blogcrawl concoction from last night. (You could post a review of your merlot, Maryann – would you recommend it? Can you describe it like the writerly oenophile you are? Does it have a heady nose all its own and is it now sticking it into the plot of your next book?) Check out for recipes and construction instruction for the silliness I was imbibing, last night.

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