Happy Easter – Happy Spring

Just want to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a happy and blessed Holiday. No matter what religion one espouses, spring is always a time of great renewal of our earth as flowers blossom, trees burst forth with new leaves, and there seems to be an air of great anticipation and eagerness about us. So I hope all my friends who read this feel that sense of renewal and excitement in their lives.

May the Easter Bunny bring you lots of Chocolate

 On another note, the A to Z Challenge officially begins tomorrow, and that is no April Fools joke. (smile) I will be participating again this year and hope to be able to get a post done every day. Many will be short and sweet – well, hopefully sweet. I hope you will play along and visit when you can. You can also visit the other participants and read some fun posts this next month.

For more about the challenge and a list of participants visit the official A to Z Challenge blog site.

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