Monday Morning Musings

Our little town of Winnsboro. Texas is filled with creative people who love to share their artistic talents. We have singers, musicians, visual artists, actors, writers, photographers and many, many folks artists, who are all responsible for the vibrant downtown area that has live music every weekend, exhibits, and of course our plays at the art center.

One of the really fun events is the 3rd Friday Art Walk that was started when we were named an official Cultural Arts District by the State of Texas. Each month has a different theme – sometimes it is Steampunk, which draws a lot of people from all over the state. This past weekend the theme was Pioneer Days, connecting to the history of Winnsboro that was featured in an exhibit of old photographs at the Winnsboro Center For the Arts.

Also at the center, was a reception for the 10th Anniversary of Winnsboro being named a Main Street City, and people met there for refreshments before heading out to parade around town in costumes. We go into businesses and restaurants and talk to people, assuming the character we are dressed as. I went as Mrs. Gibbs, the role I’m playing in “Our Town.” She was not really a pioneer woman, but close enough.

I had great fun with Doc Davis, a local actor and historian, keeping him in line because he started proposing to every pretty woman he saw.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Alford

 When we come in and start engaging people, most of them join in the fun after the initial shock wears off. We are hoping that they go back to Dallas, or wherever they are from, and tell their friends, “You have got to go to Winnsboro and see these people who dress up and parade around town. It is so much fun.”

Since I had company most of last week, I did not get much writing done, nor was I online much, but we had a good time visiting with our daughter and her husband, and our son and his wife.

Being with the kids made me remember those years when they were little and I never knew what to expect from them. Maybe that is why Sunday’s Baby Blues strip made me laugh out loud. The strip features Hammie, who is excited about his upcoming field trip at school. In the first panel he is telling his mother, Wanda, “Mom, I get to go on a field trip in two weeks!”

In the subsequent panels, he is still excited, telling dad or mom how many days are left. On the final day Wanda comes into his bedroom to wake him up. “Wake up, Hammie. Today is your field trip.”

He bounds out of bed and starts digging through his backpack. “Oh, that reminds me…”

He hands Wanda a paper. “…a doctor needs to sign this before I can go.”

Moms, how many times has that happened to you?

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