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While I don’t normally post on Thursdays, I couldn’t resist this one. Thanks to a couple of my writer friends, Stephen Tremp, and  Laura Eno, I found out about this fun blog hop to honor Albert Einstein on the occasion of his birthday. What all the participants are doing is writing a short piece on where they would go, either back in time or forward, if they could jump in a wormhole. Probably the biggest challenge for most of us will be keeping the post to 100 words or less, but I’ll give it a whirl.

Come with me into the past:

“Wyatt? Wyatt Earp?”

“Yes’m, and who are you?”
“Maryann. I just got here.”
“How? Don’t see no horse or carriage. An’ the stage ain’t due till tomorrow.”
“I came through a wormhole.”
“A what?”
“Uh, I’m guessing you wouldn’t understand. But now that I’m here, would you teach me to shoot? I always wanted to be Annie Oakley.”
“Annie Oakley. You know, the woman sharpshooter. And boy could she ride a horse at a full gallop. I haven’t done that in too long.”
“Never heard of her.”
“Okay, but what about it? Will you teach me to shoot?”
“Meet me at the OK corral. 

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

 Here is  a list of other blogs that are in the blog hop. Enjoy the stories.

14 thoughts on “National Wormhole Blog Hop”

  1. Ooh, fun choice! (But if you’re going to the OK Corral, I hope you took a bullet-proof vest with you.)

    Good for you for keeping close to the 100 words. I didn’t. The description of the hop said, “more or less”, right? I chose “more”.

  2. D. G, I tried to bring a gun back, but they wouldn’t let one on the plane. Some weird regulation. LOL

    Susan, tough western guys, and gals, do not wear bullet-proof vests. We’re above that. (Smile)

    Nutshell, thanks for stopping by. I’ll go see where you went on the hop.

  3. M. pax. In my dreams I become a sharpshooter, ride a horse like I did when I was 20, and I protect my Texas spread from all those bad guys who think they can take land away from a woman. (Smile)

    Mshatch, I love these kinds of serendipitous moments.

  4. Nancy,in the fantasy I was Annie, but when I came back I went back to just being me. (smile)

    Stephen, I never thought about going head-to-head with Wyatt, but you’re right, what a terrific scene that would be.

    This was so much fun, thanks to you and Laura and L.G. for starting it.

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