Happy New Year

I know it is not officially the New Year until tomorrow, but in some place in the world it is already tomorrow, so it is okay to start the good wishes flowing. Note, I said, good wishes, not champagne, although some of that is perfectly okay in my book.

Tonight, I will be celebrating with friends at our local art center where we have a special New Year’s Eve party with live music by an amazing jazz band, Miss Demeanor and the Groove Felons. This is a new band that just got started this past year, but one would think they had been together for years when listing to the music. My claim to fame is that I have sung with the lead singer, Shannon Monk, at a few benefits when I had been asked to help entertain. I was always so thankful to have Shannon there with me. She is a pro. I am not. But we do share a love of music.

My wish for all my friends, both in real time and here in cyberspace, is peace, happiness, success, and good health for the New Year. Celebrate well as we usher in another New Year, and be safe. Don’t drink and drive.

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