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My guest this coming Wednesday will be Nancy Madore, who is promoting her newest book, The Hidden Ones, which is book one of the Legacy of the Watchers series. The book is a real mix of genres: historical, paranormal, sci-fi, with a bit of romance, and I will admit I was a bit put off by the mix. I don’t like mixing a lot in books I read or on my dinner plate. My vegetables stay a discreet distance from my meat like my meat. (smile) However, I did read the sample pages of Nancy’s book on Amazon and was taken in by the writing, which is very well done and engaging.

Since I have not read the entire book, I didn’t think I should write a full review. That felt too much like cheating to me, but I did check the reviews on Amazon. Here is what one  reviewer, Mark, had to say:

“This book has turned out to be a rare find in the current literary world. It not only has an interesting and smoothly-paced plot, it is well-written as well. Ms. Madore doesn’t just write a book, she tells a story. You are quickly sucked in, and disappointed only when you run out of pages to read. 

Another selling point for this book is that, while it does have its romantic moments, it has plenty of action to hold a guy’s interest. The book seems to have something for everyone. From casual reader to Biblical scholar, this book will be an enjoyable experience for everyone who reads it. I highly recommend it.”

That almost makes me wish I’d taken Ms. Madore up on her offer of a copy for review, but I still might pass as I have so many other books that have been sent for review consideration. If you are a fan of mixing genres, as apparently a lot of folks are, then I do recommend this book for the quality of the writing.

I hope you will come back on Wednesday and meet Nancy. She has some interesting comments about the growing interest in this type of mixing and stirring genres. Nancy achieved enormous critical acclaim writing ‘female friendly’ erotica in her Enchanted series. Now, following her life-long interest in history and mythology, she is making her debut into the historical and science fiction genres with her new series, Legacy of the Watchers, beginning with The Hidden Ones.

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