Celebrating my Friends

I love it when my friends have good news to share, and earlier this week I received this press release from Slim Randles:

Albuquerque-based writer and former mule packer Slim Randles will receive The Rounders Award at a reception October 16 at Governor Susana Martinez’s residence in Santa Fe. Named for the classic novel by Max Evans, The Rounders Award is given by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to “individuals who have lived, promoted or articulated the Western way of life.”

 Former recipients include artist Grem Lee, novelist Max Evans, musician Michael Martin Murphey and humorist Baxter Black.

 Randles, whose weekly column “Home Country” reaches 2.2 million readers in 44 states, is also the author of nine books, including the national award-winning “A Cowboy’s Guide to Growing Up Right.”

  Also receiving the award this year is Santa Fe-based art dealer and raconteur Forrest Fenn.

Slim Randles

Since Slim has been so generous in sharing his columns with us, I thought it only fitting that we celebrate him today. This is quite an honor and so well deserved.

This has nothing to do with celebrating friends, but I laughed out loud when I read the following in Louise Penny‘s first novel Still Life.  A witness is explaining his aversion to violence to Inspecter Gamache and says, “I’m not a brave man, I’m afraid, but I can’t tolerate killing. Killing anything. I have spiders in my home with names.”

While I have learned to be more tolerant of spiders since I moved out to the country, I draw the line on naming them. Although our daughter once named a spider that built a home on her porch. Our grandchildren were young at the time, and our daughter used the presence of the spider as a science lesson, letting the kids chronicle the life of the spider as she spent the summer with them, laid eggs, and then went to spider heaven. Yes, that’s what she told the kids. (smile)

Have you ever named a spider or any other bug? Do you run in terror from anything that creeps or crawls or flies too close?

9 thoughts on “Celebrating my Friends”

  1. Unfortunately, I’m not tolerant of all bugs. If they are inside, it’s me or them. Usually them. Gardening bugs I’m more tolerant of, since they may help the garden.

    Congrats to your friend on his award! That’s nice to be recognized for any literary or genre award.

  2. D.G., I am less tolerant of bugs in my house, especially the spiders. I have been known to leave my office when one runs through and disappears under my desk. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I’ve never named a spider or bug, but I don’t mind them outside. Not in my house, though. Spiders don’t bother me too much, but I draw the line at scorpions or snakes.

  4. My husband told a friend once that he couldn’t buy live lobster because he knew before he got the water boiled, I’d have named them and made them family members.

    Maybe so but spiders…no.

  5. That is so funny, LD. I have a good friend who is a farmer and when she and her husband raised cattle, Jan named all the calves. I once asked her if that made it hard to take them to market, and she said no. She said she just wanted to show them a lot of love before they left. I would find that extremely hard, but I think farmers have a different approach to the animals. Still, if I raised livestock I would not name them. LOL

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