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There is no book review for today, so I thought I would share a link to a terrific site that has book reviews: So many books, so little time    The most current review is of   The Dark Side Of Night (H.O.T. Watch #1)The Dark Side Of Night by Cindy Dees  

The site is owned by a terrific lady, Lainy, and I have enjoyed her reviews a lot.

On the fun side of today’s post, I have a few things that caught my eye in yesterday’s comics section of the newspaper.

First off is a cartoon from Non Sequitur. Two ladies are sitting in a booth to raise funds for a charity. The sign reads: Help find a cure for egocentricity. A man stands in front of them and says, “Sure, I’d like to help, but what’s in it for me?”

This is from Pickles – one of my favorites. Earl and Nelson, his grandson, are sitting on the couch watching TV. Earl says, “I rmember the day I got my first pair of glasses. I could finally watch the radio without having to squint.”

Nelson:  “You watched the radio? Don’t you mean the TV?”

Earl: “Nope. We didn’t have TV. We all sat around each night and stared at the radio. Those were the happiest times of my childhood.”

The next panel has Nelson walking away, talking to the dog. “That explains a lot about Grampa.”

This last one is from The Argyle Sweater. Three cowboys are sitting around a campfire at night. The man in the middle looks decidedly uncomfortable. The caption reads: “As the distant cry of a lonesome coyote pierced the tense silence, Grady regretted asking if the Tucker boys were on Pinterest.”

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