Friday’s Odds and Ends

Keeping it short today – was going to say this morning, but it is almost noon here in Central Time, USA. Somehow the morning got away from me, as Friday mornings often do.

Today has been busier than ever because we have dress rehearsal tonight for the Nite of Comedy that I directed and produced at the art center here in my small town. I used to be involved with theatre groups that had full production staffs, and that was so much easier. The director simply had to direct. There was a stage manager, a producer, a house manager, and a tech manager. Here, I do most of this with some help from my stage moms – what would I do without them – as well as some help from other volunteers at the center. However, it is still my responsibility to coordinate most of that.

So this morning I have been distracted with little jobs that still need to be done before we can open tomorrow night.

The upside of all this is the fun I have with the actors, especially my young players who are so creative. They wrote some of the skits for the show and keep coming up with ideas to add another layer of comedy to one of them. Watching them reminds me of when my kids were young and would put on shows. One idea would spur another and another, until they had something fun and entertaining.

Here are a few shots from last year.

James Monk Ryann Williams and Kennedie Williams (standing)
My grandson, Justin. Awesome actor if I say so myself. LOL
L-R: Hunter Williams, Ashton Cantu, Cassia Rose
Me and my talented son, Paul Miller, singing some of Grandpa’s silly songs.

Enjoy… I’m signing off to do the playbill for tomorrow night.

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