A Gift From Me to You

As writers it is important to stretch ourselves beyond what we normally write. This is something I learned in a great critique group in Omaha NE, where we would always start our meetings with a short class on some form of writing. This is where I was encouraged to write poetry, although that is not my medium of choice, and I learned how to write with more conciseness.

For one of our class assignments, we were asked to write a short story based on some classic fairy tale or nursery rhyme. I decided to use Goldilocks and The Three Bears and put a modern twist on it. The result was my short story “The Visitor” which I published myself on Kindle. It is free today through Tuesday, so if you enjoy short stories you might want to snag a copy. If you don’t own a Kindle, there are all kinds of Kindle apps for computers and iPhones and all kinds of smart phones.

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