A to Z Challenge – Q is for Quartz

I knew the letter “q” was going to be a real challenge in keeping with my nature theme. I could have written about Quebec, which is a province in Canada, and in comprised of land and people and animals and plants. They all fit in the category of nature, and Quebec is a beautiful place to visit.

However, I decided to write about quartz after I worked in my flowerbeds this morning and saw the quartz one of my daughters brought me from Tennessee.

Often small bits of quartz are mixed with other minerals, and that is what is seen most often when the sun glints off of something shiny in a dark rock. I have a few like that in my rock collection, and maybe I’ll write more about that tomorrow. But these few pieces my daughter gave me have big chunks of pure quartz.

The ideal crystal shape of quartz that can be used for making jewelry and hardstone carvings is a six-sided prism terminating with six-sided pyramids at each end. Well-formed crystals typically form in what is referred to as a bed, and you can see the two large pure pyramids in my piece of quartz. I don’t know what type of mineral the pyramids are “bedded” in, but it looks a little like cement to me. I’d have to ask a geologist, which I just might do the next time our youngest daughter comes out. More about her tomorrow, too.

This other picture is of pure quartz, and I found it on Wikpedia. Quite beautiful, don’t you think?
Before I go, I want to thank all who have been visiting my blog so far. I really appreciate all who have stopped by and left comments, and even those who have stopped by and not left a comment. I also want to acknowledge my new followers and say welcome to my place. I hope you enjoy your visits.

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