Book Review – Skin by Patricia Rosemoor

Again, two blogs in one day. And here I thought I’d have trouble doing one a day for the A to Z blog Challenge. Long before I decided to join in the Challenge, I invited author, Pat Rosemoor, to be my Wednesday Guest this week. I also told her I would post a review of her book the previous Sunday, which I obviously did not do, so I thought I would make that up to her today.

Patricia Rosemoor
E-book and Paperback
2012 Release

Lilith Mitchell has never forgotten the little sister she left behind when she went to college to escape an abusive step-father and a mother who didn’t seem to care. She thought Hannah would be safe. But she wasn’t. So Hannah ran away from home to do god-knows-what and Lilith does not want to contemplate.

Now, some years later, Lilith has a good job as a paralegal and has spent countless hours and countless dollars looking for her sister, only to find her dancing at a gentleman’s club.

The sister’s have an awkward reunion, but before Lilith can begin rebuilding a relationship with Hannah, the young woman is kidnapped by a killer. This is a particularly nasty killer who enjoys torturing women before turning them loose on his hunting preserve to become his next kill.

After Hannah disappears, Lilith decides to take her place as a dancer in the club to try to draw the killer out. Local law enforcement wants her to leave the investigating to them, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to save her sister.

Both women are strong and courageous, and one can’t help but root for them when the danger is high. This is a fast-paced book with a lot of plot twists and action.

Patricia is going to be my guest on Wednesday, and will share some of her experience doing research at a gentleman’s club. Please do come back and make her feel welcome.

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