Need Directions? Just ask a Farmer

The other day I was in the local donut shop – yes, sometimes I do treat myself to something decadent and delightful – and as I ate my old-fashioned cake donut, I listened to two farmers talking about meeting up to go hunting. This is roughly how the conversation went:

“How ’bout meeting at the old Franklin place?”

“Where’s that?”

“Well, go out 11 to the Greenwood road. You know the one I mean?”

“Yeah. The one that goes to the Greenwood church.”

“Okay. Turn left then go a couple of miles, then turn left where you see that big old oak tree on Lloyd’s place. Another half mile and there is that old barn that burned last summer. You’ll see it on the right where the road takes a Y. Follow the curve to the right and go another two miles ’til you see the windmill on the left. That marks the beginning of the Franklin place.”

“Is that before or after the railroad tracks and the dairy barn?”

“After. The dairy barn belongs to old man Foster.”

“I thought that was the one. Just didn’t know it came so close to Franklin’s place.”

“It’s not that close to where you want to turn. The drive back to that hunting cabin is almost another mile down the road. You’ll pass a historical marker, then the turn into the drive is right there.”

Listening to these two men I thought, “Who need electronic gadgets when you have farmer GPS systems?”

4 thoughts on “Need Directions? Just ask a Farmer”

  1. LOL, Alex. I think one of these guys did mention the bull on Lloyd’s place.

    Thanks for stopping by R. Mac. I do love to sit and listen to these guys talk at the donut shop. A very pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

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