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We have company this week. Our son and his wife have come for a few days, and we are all cat lovers. Rebecca and I had a picture-taking spree last night and took pictures of all the cats.

First up is Misty, known also as Mama Cat, as she was the mother of some of the cats we had until last fall. She was napping on the table next to Rebecca, then went into the kitchen to see if she could get Rebecca to give her a snack.

Next is Daisy. I call her Daisy Mae, and my husband wonders why. Has he forgotten the Lil’ Abner comic strip? Our Daisy has a bit of the attitude that Daisy Mae had in the strip.

Rounding out our feline foursome is Harry and Hermione. They are brother and sister and play more with each other than with the other two cats. One can hardly blame them, though. Mama does not like them at all, and Daisy only wants to interact with them when she can maybe steal some of their food. Although to be fair and honest about this, she does sometimes play with Harry. They will chase each other through the house, and invariably one of them ends up sliding across the floor in the kitchen and banging into the wall.

But again, the playing is only on Daisy’s terms. If she does not want to play, she lets Harry know.

The two young cats enjoy playing in the section of the Christmas tree that I gave them in January. They loved the tree to the point that it was briefly decorated for one day – December 25th – then the decorations were taken down for safe-keeping. The tree is very old and we decided that it was time to get a new one next year, so why not let the cats play with some of it. This is one of their favorite toys and quite a conversation piece when folks come to visit and wonder why we still have a Christmas tree in our living room.


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