Read an E-Book Week

Every spring lots of authors and readers celebrate read an e-book week, and I am participating with a free short story on my Website. Going Back is a short story I wrote a long time ago, and it was the basis for a script, A Question of Honor, which is the first screenplay I wrote. Both the short story and the screenplay were honored with awards, and I am happy to share the story this week.

There are lots of other authors participating in this special event. On the Read an E-Book website, you can find other authors who are offering free reads or specials all this week.

You can also find special deals from the authors who belong to Backlist e-Books. They have quite a variety of genres to select from; mystery, romance, science-fiction, and fantasy.

Nobody knows for sure what the future of publishing will look like in five or ten years, but one thing is for sure, e-books are here to stay and there are some good ones out there.


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  1. I have a regular Kindle, but my husband got the Fire last November, too. He does not read a lot of books on it yet, but the few he has he has enjoyed.

    Hope you enjoy the books, Stephen. I have found some good ones offered free as well as some at discounts. This is a good time to fill up those e-reading devices.

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