Are You Confused Yet?

Now that I have totally messed up my weekly schedule of posts here, are you as confused as I am?

Yesterday I was going to schedule a few posts in advance for the weekend since I am going to be out of town. The problem was I had a killer headache and was trying to work anyway. Note to self: do not ever work when you are feeling that sick. So what I posted yesterday was supposed to be scheduled for today, then I finished it and pushed publish post and promptly went to bed.

A little while later, I realized what I did, but there was no way I could drag my aching head back into my office.

Thankfully, the headache is much better so I am off to the Take 190 West Art Festival in Killeen, Texas. I went two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A lot of artists display their work and there is a wonderful exhibit of student art that is well worth the visit. The event is free to the public and there will be many authors and artists there to chat with.

Come on by if you live near Killeen.

2 thoughts on “Are You Confused Yet?”

  1. Thanks, Alex, we did have a good time. My daughter went with me and it was a girl’s weekend. Good suggestion about entering the post date in advance. Bet you learned that from Dani Greer. LOL

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