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Today’s guest blog is going to be a little different because on Monday my cyber-friend, Nancy J. Cohen, gave me the versatile blogger award and I really need to acknowledge that before too much more time passes. So, first of all, thank you Nancy. I am honored that you chose me for this award.

Reading some of the posts on Nancy’s blog I came across one about Jewish wedding customs that was interesting.  If you are interested hop on over to see what some of them are and why they are done. Here’s just one:   Why does the bride circle the groom seven times? Just as the world was created in seven days, the bride, representing Mother Earth, reminds people that marriage is part of the creation process. At the same time, she symbolically builds the walls of the couple’s new dwelling, as embodied by the chuppah. (the canopy under which the ceremony takes place)

So now on to the award. The are a few rules. I am to thank the award-giver and link back – done. Share 7 things about myself…. Hmmm….
      1. I’m a procrastinator. There I said it.
      2. I’d rather go for a walk than do almost any other kind of exercise.
      3. I sing moderately well.
      4. I play guitar better than I sing.
      5. I went to college for five years but never finished – long story.
      6. I have never had a spotless house.
      7. I don’t always follow the rules.

Now I am to pass this on to 15 blogger friends and let them know about the award. When I read Nancy’s post about receiving the award, she wrote that she spent a couple of hours researching blogs she had visited in the past couple of months. Bless her, she is a better woman than I am. I have visited a lot of blogs: Morgan Mandel’s, Kristen Lamb’s, Bob Sanchez, Alex J. Cavanagh, Terry Odell, and many others. I also read the blogs at Venture Galleries and the blogs of my friends at  The Blood Red Pencil. Helen Ginger, Katherine Craft, Dani Greer, Linda LaneElsa  Neal, Shon Bacon, Heidi Thomas, and Elspeth Antonelli But in addition to those I have visited a lot of other blogs after seeing a link in a Tweet or on Facebook. Even though I love to write about investigations, I can’t spend hours hunting them down. I have to go get my cat from the veterinarian hospital this morning.

I hope you will visit some of the blogs of my friends. You won’t be disappointed. There is content about writing and marketing, but also recipes and great picture stories. At Venture Galleries you will find essays about all kinds of topics. Enjoy…. 

    5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Guest”

    1. So many blogs. There are a couple on your list that I haven’t visited, so I shall sneak by.

      I suspect you put off admitting you were a procrastinator.

      Thank you for the many times you’ve visited my blog.

    2. You play guitar? That is awesome!!
      Thanks so much for the award. I have received it before so I shall just gracefully accept it. And thank you, I don’t get to visit often either – some days I’m just overwhelmed!

    3. Don’t get too excited about my guitar playing, Alex. I don’t do any of the music you like. LOL I’m more of a Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul and Mary, girl. In fact, two of my kids who are very talented did a cabaret show with me at the local art center and we were Dany, Paul and Mary. Did some of the classics from that trio.

      I also know about being overwhelmed. I enjoy your blog, too, and don’t get there often. It’s good that we connect now and then. Just talked to my sister about long-time friends and how important it is to make the effort to connect at least once or twice a year. Friendships that mean a lot can be sustained that way.

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