Happy Valentine’s Day

Another surprise Tuesday post. Just so people don’t get confused, I will be back to my normal schedule next week. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something special for Valentine’s Day to show my love for my followers and my readers. Here is a short excerpt from my one and only romance novel, Play It Again, Sam. For those who buy the book and come back with a link to a proof of purchase, I will put all the names in a hat and draw one lucky winner for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. The drawing will be done on Friday so there is plenty of time.

Enjoy the excerpt. This is from the scene when Sam and Frank first kiss:

Sam smiled as Frank fell in step beside her. They walked in companionable silence with the night sounds of crickets providing a dissident musical score. She paused when she saw the boat again.

“Do you like to sail?” he asked, following her gaze.

“Haven’t done it enough to know. But it’s always appealed to me.” She paused to consider for a moment. “I’m sure the real thing is much different from my romantic notions.”

“Nothing wrong with a romantic idea now and then.” He put an arm around to pull her close. “It’s what separates us from the beasts.”

“Now that’s a real romantic thought.”

“Want to hear more?”

“Don’t think so.” She smiled at him to make sure he understood she was joking. “Why don’t we talk about something more interesting. Like why you came to Dallas. And whether you’re one of those Yankees who can’t appreciate the Lone Star State.”

“Do I sense a warning there?”

“I would pick my words with care. We Texans are mighty protective of our territory.”

Frank told her about the move from New York five years earlier, conceding the point that, yes, there was a lot to like about Texas. “I do sometimes miss the snow,” he concluded. “Although it  is nice not having to shovel my way to my car on winter mornings.”

“That’s why they invented ski vacations. All the benefits without the daily hassle.”

They paused where a little clearing allowed access to the edge of the water. The wind picked up, bringing a cool mist off the lake and Sam shivered. “Here,” Frank said, holding the jacket for her.

She slipped her arms into the sleeves, then he closed the front, pulling her gently toward him. The moonlight lightly touched his face, creating shadowed mysteries of his eyes. But his intention was crystal clear.

The touch of his lips was tentative, as if asking permission, and the very softness ignited a response. Briefly, Sam flashed on her moment with Max and wondered if deprivation was turning her into a harlot. But the concern was lost in the heat of Frank’s passion as he held her against the full length of his body, teasing her with a touch of his tongue.

She opened her lips, and he continued the tease with light, quick explorations that left her burning for more. Then he cupped her face with his hands and thrust his tongue deeper, filling her with a hot, seductive suggestion.

There was no room in Sam’s mind for conscious thought. Sensation and desire ruled. She wanted nothing more than for him to satisfy that deep aching need right here, right now. But he pulled back, sucking in a deep breath and looking at her for a long moment. “Better take you home before we get arrested.”

Not trusting her voice, she nodded and put her hand in his.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all my cyber friends – and yes I shouted that. LOL

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  1. Thanks, Nancy. I’ve only done this one romance and that was because I had a contract with Kennsington to write a book for their To Love Again series and I had this story I wanted to write. It is based loosely on the experience of a good friend.

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