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Today I want to introduce you to some of the cartoons done by humorist Tracy Farr. I have known Tracy since he shared his work with the readers of, back when I was Managing Editor of the online publication. He is a funny guy who writes about all kinds of topics from goats to banjos to driving a school bus. He knows about all three because he raises goats, plays a banjo, and drives a school bus. He also plays in a band and teaches school.

Here is a little teaser from a recent blog post he wrote: “Today is my brother’s birthday. His name is Scott. We grew up together in the suburbs of Dallas, and like most brothers, we didn’t always see eye to eye – actually, we’ve NEVER seen eye to eye because he’s quite a bit taller than me. But that’s neither here nor there. We didn’t get along and it was mostly my fault. I didn’t realize it then, but I do now.

“My brother and I, although raised by the same parents, are as different as night and day. I went to college, and he got a job. He joined the Army, and I enlisted in the Air Force. He plays the drums, I play the banjo. He knows how to fix a car and make it run like new. I know that if I step on the little pedal thing, it will go.”

Tracy started out just writing essays and blog pieces, but more recently has started a cartoon series titled:  Thinking Out Loud. Sometimes it is amusing and sometimes it is laugh-out-loud funny. If you would like to check it out, here is a link to the latest offering on his blog.

Sometimes it is good to do something just for fun. It’s been said that laughing is a good stress reliever and Tracy is doing all he can to help everyone stay healthy.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Guest”

  1. Dani, I will see if he will come back again.

    Bob, what I really like about Tracy’s humor is that it is clever, not relying on slapstick or something crude. Just wry observations on life.

    Helen, I’m with you. In our family a few of us had to go to someone else with the olive branch.

    Thanks for stopping by Red Tash. Got to go check out your profile to see what the name represents. LOL

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