Friday’s Odds and Ends

Did anyone watch the most recent debate…er, shouting match between Newt and Mitt? What an embarrassment. It was bad enough when Newt got all snarky at Mitt about who had more investments in Fannie May and Freddie Mac, but then Mitt blew his chance to show how a gentleman should comport himself during a debate. The only one who made sense to me was Ron Paul.

Don’t you just love that word comport? It is not used much today, mostly because people don’t comport. They yell and call names and behave in the most unconformable way possible. The word comport means: behave; especially : to behave in a manner conformable to what is right, proper, or expected <comported himself well in the crisis>

Granted, we don’t all want to become like robots or Stepford Wives, but a little decorum… a little dignity… Please could we have some more. 

This man in Tennessee certainly didn’t comport himself very well recently.  Apparently he dressed up as a woman in order to pick up prescriptions in the name of his dead sister. More on the story from Gopher Central. 

We’re getting back into theatre mode at the local art center. I am directing a funny play, “Woman in Mind”, and we are holding auditions. A director’s worst nightmare is that nobody will show up to audition. The second worst nightmare is having lots of very talented people show up and not having enough roles to cast them all. I’m having the second nightmare, but as soon as I finish flipping coins and make a decision, it is going to be so much fun to work with these folks and make this story come alive.  

I have been busy getting my woman’s novel, Play It Again, Sam, out in trade paperback. After reading about Morgan Mandel’s success with getting her books out via CreateSpace over the past several years, and getting some technical help from Bob Sanchez, I got my book through the process at Amazon. It has the same terrific cover that the e-book has, designed by Dany Russell. Anyone who would like a signed copy can e-mail me at maryann (at) maryannwrites(dot)com and we can make arrangements. I will be also happy to send signed bookplates for anyone who orders through Amazon.

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  1. Thanks, Carol. It is going to be a terrific show. Had a great audition yesterday and picked up another actor who is so good. He and the lead really clicked even on the first read. That doesn’t happen very often and is a big thrill. Can’t wait to see what these actors do with the characters as the story evolves.

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