Monday Morning Musings

Even with the convenience of getting news online or on TV 24/7, I still like to read a newspaper. Maybe I have a special affinity because of all the years I worked for newspapers. Perhaps. Anyway, one of my favorite things to do on Sundays is read The Dallas Morning News.

After scanning the headlines on the front page, I turn to the editorials and the comics. Sometimes in that order. Sometimes I read the comics first. I am always amused to find that some of the same topics are touched on in the comics and by the editorial writers. Art truly does reflect life.

Yesterday, I found the strip “Shoe” particularly clever. In the first panel, Cosmo and Shoe are fussing at each other, calling each other names. Roz says, “Hold it. Hold it. Why don’t you gentlemen settle this like politicians?”

Cosmo asks,”You mean have a debate?”

Shoe says, “Don’t be ridiculous. Only candidates debate.”

Roz says, “Right. Real politicians just ignore the problem and hope it goes away.”

Sad, but true. The politicians ignore solutions to problems because they are too busy playing partisan politics.

The Argyle Sweater was pretty clever, too. The strip presented Implausible Hollywood Headlines:

Playboy Enacts No Plastic Surgery Clause – Hefner cites integrity for implementation of new policy.

New Name – To portray a more accurate description of herself, Star Jones has name legally changed to “Pseudo-Star.”

Kim Kardashian Abandons the Limelight – She chooses to live in quiet obscurity somewhere in Delaware.

Thankfully, none of those extreme changes will affect me. I didn’t even know who Star Jones or Kim Kardashian are, and I’ve never put integrity and Hefner in the same sentence before.

What about you? Do you like to read newspapers? Do you read the comic strips first?

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings”

  1. The Sunday paper is a treat I’ve liked since I was a kid. Back then I only read the funnies. It’s like this big package filled with possibilities: stories, sales, horoscopes, movie reviews, sports, comics, sales! I don’t do the paper daily, I get my news online. I do prefer reading the news to watching it because it’s less sensationalized.

  2. We only subscribe to our local paper. I never read the comics. I check my lottery numbers, then look to see what’s going on in my vicinity. National news I get online. On Sundays, I first throw out all the ads from places I never go to, then check the places I like and decide if there’s anything I really like and can afford to buy.

    Morgan Mandel

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