Monday Morning Musings

Actually, this is Monday afternoon musings. We have been having a lot of work done on our house – a new deck and sun room – and the workers came this morning to finish it up. Just when I thought I could come back to my office to get some work done, there would be a knock at the door – another question needed an answer.

The work is all done now and the men are gone, so I thought I would get to this an hour ago, but I had to take the cats out to the new room and introduce them. Then I decided it would be a good idea to sweep out there… and….

Plus it’s Cyber-Monday. While I don’t participate in Black Friday sales, unless they are online, I do like to see what kind of deals can be made on Cyber-Monday. That ate up another hour, but I did get a nice chair at a good price.

Then my husband came into my office with a cat on his shoulder. Had to get this picture when the cat decided to play with the pulls on the ceiling fan. 

So here I am finally, well after noon, with only one rant to share. I read an interview with Robert Mann, author of a new book Daisy Petals and Mushroom Clouds: LBJ, Barry Goldwater and the Ad That Changed American Politics. He was asked about the ad that some people think scuttled Goldwater’s run for the presidency and was the root of negative ads on TV, and he said the ad was “almost entirely about exploiting fear.”

He went on to explain that the firm that developed the ad had a reputation for developing ads that were sometimes humorous and “generated emotion more than rational thinking.”

While that may be a sound approach for marketing cars and computers and Cheerios, I hardly think it appropriate for marketing the next leader of the U.S. – or any other politician for that matter. I want people to use rational thinking when they consider casting a vote. Forget the spin, the good looks, the eloquent oratory, and focus on the issues and a candidate’s plan to address those issues.

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