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Please welcome Rana DiOrio and Dani Greer, who are on a tour letting people know about a wonderful new book.

What Does It Mean To Be Safe?  By Rana DiOrio – Illustrated by Sandra Salsbury 

What a lovely book with a terrific message delivered in a straight-forward manner with delightful illustrations. Kids will love the book just for the engaging characters portrayed in the pictures, and the messages of safety will connect with them through these illustrations. Even though I no longer have very young grandchildren, I may still get a copy or two of the book just to share with daughters and granddaughters who appreciate the art, and I would certainly recommend the book to others. It is our responsibility to keep children safe, and they are more apt to pay attention to the lessons that come via a book than another lecture from mommy or grandma.

I first became acquainted with Little Pickle Press when a colleague, Dani Greer, sent me a copy of Your Fantastic Elastic Brain for review. I immediately fell in love with the engaging illustrations by Sarah Ackerley  but was also intrigued by the whole concept of Little Pickle Press, which is producing quality, innovative books while keeping one eye on the environment. It is a very green company.

As part of the blog tour, Rana and Dani answered a few questions about the press and the books for me.

Q. I love the name of the company, Little Pickle Press. Who chose it and why?

Rana: I have always referred to my children as pickles. When it came time to name the company, incorporating the word “pickle” was a logical place to start. With a little brainstorming on the part of our early team, we came up with Little Pickle Press.

Q.Dani, how did you connect with Little Pickle Press and why? What were the main things that attracted you to the company?

Dani: I’d been teaching and promoting the use of blog book tours for several years, and Rana noticed a link about my class on Facebook. She asked me about organizing a blog book tour for her latest release. I always had a special interest in children’s literature, and this company was a green publisher (recycled papers using soy inks and printed in N. America) so the idea of a virtual tour was exactly right for them.

Q. The Little Pickle Press mission: “Little Pickle Press is dedicated to helping parents and educators cultivate conscious, responsible little people by stimulating explorations of the meaningful topics of their generation through a variety of media, technologies, and techniques.” Could you translate that for those of us who get lost in too many words? LOL

Rana: We help parents and teachers nurture conscientious children by catalyzing conversations about stuff that matters through our books and digital media. Better?

Dani: Little Pickle Press products help teach children the important lessons they need to learn to be better people, now and as adults. The books are printed and shipped in an environmentally-conscious way to set a good example, and all the books are available to read on modern gadgets like computers and cell phones and more. It’s a must to make reading available in many ways, and LPP has always been on the leading edge of these changes and opportunities.

Q. Anything else you would like to say about the Press and the book?

Dani: Like all the Little Pickle Press titles, this book will soon have an iBook version, an interactive app, and free lesson plans that teachers and parents can download to further explore those conversations we mentioned. Each of the books also has original music created by a wonderful composer and singer, Jasmine Saldate.  And there’s a poster we’re giving away free with the sale of this book during the tour when you use this LINK and enter coupon code BBTSAFE to get free shipping on your order. You always get lots of extras with Little Pickle Press. I have to say, I wish all the companies I’ve worked with were so totally cool.

This book would make a nice holiday gift and don’t forget to enter the code for free shipping and the SAFE poster made of TerraSkin, the tree-free paper. Just enter BBTSAFE at check-out.

Author Bio:
Rana DiOrio is an investor, investment banker, lawyer, and the mother of three children. She is also the founder and CEO of Little Pickle Press. What Does It Mean To Be Safe? is the fourth in her What Does It Mean To Be… ? picture book series and all are printed in an environmentally-friendly manner using recycled paper, soy inks, and green packaging.

Places you can connect with Little Pickle Press:

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17 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Guest – Little Pickle Press”

  1. This is such a timely message for chidren and the book captures it beautifully through both the text and the illustrations. Protecting children is always the top priority.

  2. I am so sad for not having young children at home anymore. Last night I took my son who is now 20 years old to visit the little pickle press site and he was marveled at this age and said: “Mom too bad Rana was not writing children’s book when I was at that age, our house would be full with her books.” We are purchasing couple books to give out as a Christmas gifts to all the children we know and love around the globe. Cannot wait to have it translated in Portuguese(my native language). Maryann, thanks for such a sweet review on little pickle press, I am in love with all of what this super green publishing business is about. Cheers, Adriana Palmeira

  3. I love interviews because I am inevitably asked questions I’ve never contemplated before, and they afford us all the opportunity to learn the previously unvoiced perspectives of our colleagues! Thanks for being such a gracious and evocative host(ess), Maryann! ~ Rana

  4. So glad everyone enjoyed the interview. It is so exciting to see all the innovative ways that authors and publishers are reaching children. For the longest time I didn’t even know what an app was and my 10 year old granddaughter just laughed. And I do love the fact that Little Pickle Press is so green. Kudos to all!

  5. Adrianna, so glad that you are buying books for friends. I had to laugh when you mentioned how much your son likes the books. When I sent a copy of the Fantastic Elastic Brain to my grown son’s daughter, he fell in love with it.

  6. Leslea, you are right about this being a good book for classrooms. I am thinking of getting one for my daughter’s educational business. I think she has all age ranges in her tutoring and home-schooling programs. Haven’t asked recently. LOL

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