Book Review – The Eye of The Virgin by Frederick Ramsey

Thanks to Carl Brookins for another review. He does pick some good books to offer for our reading pleasure….

The Eye of the Virgin
By Frederick Ramsey
Pub. Poisoned Pen Press
June, 2010, Hard Cover.
254 pages.
ISBN: 9781590587607

Review by Carl Brookins

Sheriff Ike Schwartz is in it again.  Some odd break-ins have occurred in the area around the town of Picketsville, Virginia.  What were thieves looking for in the studio of an iconographer? Why is an unknown individual discovered dead of gunshot, but in a chair in the Picketsville clinic?  Are these incidents related?  And who is the mysterious woman Abe Schwartz has been squiring about?

Sparkling dialogue and a whee of a climactic scene distinguish this crime novel.  It’s the xxx in Ramsey’s continuing saga of the home-town adventures of ex-CIA spook Isaack Schwartz.  He’s retired from the international scene to become the elected sheriff of the aforesaid Pickettsville, Virginia.  He’s bright, sharp, aware of the ways of international espionage so when he sees it, he recognizes it.  As the elected sheriff he has to deal with a loose collection of varied and interesting characters.  Some of them make life quite interesting; the president of the local college, Ruth XXX for instance.  Others, inept contract spooks and burglars, for example, are dangerous.  Schwartz and his deputies manage to keep the peace and solve crimes in interesting if not always legal ways.

They are aided in their tasks, as are readers who find their way to this lovely novel, by carefully thought out if sometimes complicated plots, good pace, and crackling spot-on dialogue. Threaded through the cleverness and the funny bits are thoughtful musings on the state of world affairs today in which enemies become friends and friends enemies.

An excellent enjoyable novel


Carl Brookins
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