Book Review – Dear Cupid by Julie Orloton

Kate Bradshaw writes a popular “Dear Cupid” Web advice column, but finds it difficult to offer positive advice after her painful divorce. She would like to tell every reader to “dump the bastard and move on.” Not exactly the kind of pithy advice her boss wants her to give.

In an attempt to regain the perspective that made her column popular, Kate leaves her native Texas hill country for a business trip to L.A., where she practices her flirting technique on the first attractive man she sees, movie special-effects man Mike Cameron. If she can successfully get his attention, maybe she can start believing that she has what it takes to offer advice to the lovelorn.

While I found that set-up a bit of a stretch, I hung in with the story and I’m glad I did. It was a pleasant read, and the interplay between Mike and Kate’s son, Dylan is truly engaging. Mikes persistent, yet gentle efforts to get Kate to trust herself and trust in love again, was equally engaging. He is definitely a different kind of hero, but no less a hero than any other good romance novel.

Dear Cupid was first published in hardback and mass market paperback in 2001 by St. Martin’s, and the author released the e-book this past June. Right now it is available for only 99cents.


FTC Disclaimer: I purchased and reviewed this book of my own free will. I was not compensated in any way for the review, and I am guessing the author does not even know I did it. Even though I am not normally a fan of romance novels, I decided to give this one a read because I met the author online and I was impressed with her writing in posts to groups and her blog. (Authors, the quality of your writing everywhere does matter.) I was also influenced by the price. For 99cents, I thought I would take a chance. Does that mean I would only buy another book from this author if it was priced that low? No. I will probably buy one of her other books once I have read a few of the other ones I have loaded in my Kindle.
NOTE: I wish the author would change her last name to Smith so I knew how to pronounce it.

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