Friday’s Odds and Ends

A five-year-old boy shot a four-year-old boy at a playground in Hillcrest Heights, Md., about 10 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.. Police wondert how a five-year-old had access to a gun.

Good question. Do you suppose it could be the fault of some irresponsible parent?

The judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial called a recess Friday just as prosecutors prepared to rebut testimony by Anthony’s mother who claimed she — not her daughter — made suspicious Internet searches in the months before her 2-year-old granddaughter disappeared.

I understand a mother’s urge to protect her daughter, but is this really believable? This whole story since the case first broke has read like a poorly plotted novel.

The NBA is in lockout, with the teams and the players unable to compromise on terms of new contracts. Owners want to reduce the players’ guarantee of 57 percent of basketball revenue and weren’t moved by the players’ offer to drop it to 54.3 percent — though players said that would have cut their salaries by $500 million over five years.

This seems to be a trend in professional sports, and I wonder when it became all about the money and not about the games. And, of course, as salaries and other expenses rise, so do ticket prices. So who pays in the end? The sports’ fans.
Four months after Trent Schmid
t was killed in a car accident, thieves broke into the Triumph Church in Greenwood, IN and stole musical instruments – including the bass guitar that Trent played. Trent was an associate pastor with his father, Stephen,  and his parents were devastated when the guitar was stolen. They made a public plea to the thieves to return the guitar, and apparently that worked. This past Wednesday morning Stephen and his wife were driving in the alley behind the church, and saw something that made them stop. The five-string bass guitar that Trent played at services at the church before joining the Army was left on the ground next to the air conditioner.

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