Friday’s Odds and Ends

Recently a woman in Dallas was asked why she wanted to model for Playboy.  “Before I get married and find someone, it’s something I want to get out of my system.”

Sure, that’s what every young woman should put on her list of things to do before marriage.

Why Hillary didn’t win — she’s not a cowgirl. In her book, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Rebecca Traister writes about the “rootin’-tootin’ female politician” and America’s fascination with them. She says it is “symptomatic of the too-narrow ways in which the United States is willing to accept women as leaders.”

I remember when Ann Richards was elected governor of Texas in 1991. While she didn’t have that “take me to the wilderness so I can shoot something” persona of a Sarah Palin, she was promoted as a tough Texan who could hold her own with the good ol’ boys. 

So maybe Hillary should stop trying to prove how smart she is and start acting like a cowgirl.

We’ve seen record cold temperatures and storms across the U.S. this week, and people still think we are not experiencing climate change?

New approach to airport security – mice who can detect explosives. Israeli scientists developed a mouse trap that contains three canisters, each filled with eight specially trained mice capable of picking up faint traces of explosive residues. The scientists say that  mice are more effective bomb-sniffers than dogs because they don’t require constant human interaction, and they actually have more scent receptor genes than canines. 

They don’t eat as much as dogs, either, but a dog is more fun. Read more about the mice HERE

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Odds and Ends”

  1. You made me laugh with having Ann Richards elected in 199. I really liked Ann.

    Climate change? I hear so many people tell me it can’t be global warming when we’re getting snow. Sheesh.

    Okay, I would much rather have a dog sniffing me than a mouse running up and now my clothes looking for explosive residue. I’d even go for the pat down.

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