Friday’s Odds and Ends

Recent Headlines:
BP Cites String of Failures
“BP’s internal investigation concluded that a series of failures by its own crews and its contractors led to this summers Gulf of Mexico spill.”

Right. It had nothing to do with cutbacks and shortcuts to protect the almighty bottom line.

Animal Control Officer Drags Dog With Broken Legs
I’m not even going to publish the story that went with that headline. Suffice it to say, the officer has been suspended.

A Shift in Perspective
A 24-year old man who has been blind since April 2009 has not only learned to deal with the challenges, he has excelled at meeting them. It took him only 3 months to learn independent travel with a cane, and it usually takes a person a full year to master that. He is anxious to complete his training so he can teach mobility skills to other people with vision impairment. He says dealing with blindness just takes “a shift in perspective.”

What an inspiration, unlike the following….

The Wealthiest Lawmakers Got Wealthier Last Year Despite Recession
According to an annual survey conducted by The Hill, the top 50 wealthiest lawmakers combined worth increased $85.1 million during 2009, topping out at a total of $1.4 billion. Sen. John Kerry topped the list with a $20 million increase in minimum net worth to a  total of $188.6 million. The lawmakers made millions more dollars while the economy struggled and the nation’s unemployment rate hit as high as 10 percent.


Great Comments:
At  meeting to discuss issues surrounding the Trans-Canada pipeline RoseMary Crawford of the Center For Energy Matters said, “If we stand together and tell our stories in a calm and courteous manner, we can impact government policy and procedures.”

How refreshing that was to hear someone call for focusing on the issues instead of promoting heated rhetoric that only promotes more heated rhetoric and completely obscures the issue.

At a meeting in Dallas to discuss imposing stricter regulations on the disposal of coal ash, the Dallas Chairman of the Sierra Club suggested that the “Texas Commission on Environmental Quality be renamed the Texas Industrial Permitting Agency.”

You’ve got to love it. It does appear that big business does have too much power on the local, state, and federal level.

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